Mahatma Gandhi once said “you must be the change you wish to see in the world”. This is a belief that I strongly hold to. After traveling and serving in many poverty stricken areas of the world, I have developed a deep passion to help the world and those around me. My compassion and love for people is what drives me to teach. I plan to instill this same enthusiasm for life in my students. Along with a variety of art techniques, I will teach my students life skills. My belief is that students should not leave a classroom with only head knowledge but also with leadership abilities and collaborative experiences, having learned to think-outside-the-box. Student centered curriculum along with encouraging my students to learn through trial-and-error and to never be afraid to take risks in my classroom will help me achieve this goal. Instead of being stuck in a “my way is the best way” mentality, I will use a wide range of assessment methods such as critiques, self-reflection, and time-on-task to more accurately evaluate each student’s individual achievement. My classroom will be an organized place of learning as well as a comfortable place where students may feel safe to express themselves in ways they never before imagined.


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